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Frequently Asked Questions


Is CHAMPIONS for Christ a support group or a school?

CHAMPIONS for Christ is technically neither a “support group” nor a “school.” Though families and staff support each other through our homeschooling journeys and mentors teach, CHAMPIONS exists mainly to provide academic and elective CLASSES that your child may need to supplement their ongoing home high school studies.


Are my children required to take a class every period and stay all day?

No, children may take one class, two… up to 5. They don’t have to take a class every period. Pick and choose only the classes that your student needs to complete their high school course work.


Do I have to stay on-site while my children are in class at CHAMPIONS or can I drop them off and pick them up?

You can drop children off for their classes and pick them up when they’re done. Please arrive ten minutes prior to the start of their first class and no earlier. Students who arrive earlier than ten minutes will be sent to and charged for Study Hall. Students may also drive themselves to class, if you have given permission. However, no student may leave the building until they have completed their class day. They cannot leave and return.


What about lunch?

If your child takes classes that overlap lunch hour, they must stay for lunch, unless a parent picks them up and returns them. Only bagged lunches are allowed and must have an internal way of keeping them cold, as students do not have access to a refrigerator. There are microwaves on site for those wanting to warm up food. Snacks (chips, granola bars, etc.) are available to purchase with cash, and any money collected goes towards CHAMPIONS activities. Please label your lunch bag and remember to pick up and and bring it home at the end of the day!


What happens if my student has a 3rd period class and then nothing until 5th period?

A student who is not being picked up by a parent in between classes MUST register for a Study Hall. Study Hall costs $108/year per Study Hall. A student must be enrolled in at least two CHAMPIONS classes to be eligible for a Study Hall. A student cannot take more than two Study Halls. If a student has only a 1st period class and a 5th period class, they must be picked up by a parent after 1st period and returned for 5th period. During Study Hall, there is to be no talking or electronics use-- students should use this time to do schoolwork.


When does registration open?

Registration opens on April 15th if you are already a member of CHAMPIONS. New families may register any time after April 22nd. Enrollment in classes is only activated after a member pays annual membership dues AND signs up for service hours.


What are service hours?

CHAMPIONS for Christ is cannot function without volunteers! Every member is required to fulfill service hours to keep us running on any given Wednesday. Service hours involve hostess duties, which means manning the welcome desk, regulating the door, collecting lunch orders, answering questions, and light cleaning. Other duties you may sign up for are Pizza and Chick-fil-A Lunch Coordinators (full year positions) or applying for roles as full-time Morning or Afternoon Hostess.


Can my middle school student enroll in CHAMPIONS?

CHAMPIONS for Christ is only for high schoolers, grades 9-12. A student must turn 14 by the January following the beginning of the school year to be eligible for CHAMPIONS classes.


Who runs CHAMPIONS for Christ?

CHAMPIONS for Christ is operated by a Board of Directors, consisting of a Director, Co-Director, Registrar, Secretary, Treasurer, and Mentor Liaison.


Are CHAMPIONS for Christ officers paid?

No, CHAMPIONS for Christ officers are not paid but offer their time and perform their roles on a voluntary basis. 


How much does it cost to join CHAMPIONS?

Members pay annual membership dues of $100 ($150 after July 1), plus tuition and supply fees for any classes they choose. Costs for tuition range from $360/year to $225/year (monthly installments available). One-time supply fee costs range from $15 to $70.


Does CHAMPIONS for Christ make a profit?

No, CHAMPIONS for Christ is a 501 (3) c non-profit corporation. Donations are tax deductible. All membership dues collected go toward the operation of the organization to pay rent, insurance costs, website fees, etc.


How are mentors paid?

CHAMPIONS for Christ mentors are paid directly by parents whose children are enrolled in their classes. Mentors are not employees of CHAMPIONS for Christ nor are they independent contractors.


What about homework?

Students in CHAMPIONS for Christ classes are expected to complete any work assigned by the mentor the remaining 4 days at home and return to co-op the following week with the assignment ready to turn in. The amount of homework varies by class and is typically noted in the Course Description in the Course Catalog. Students who get behind in homework are subject to disciplinary action and, if far enough behind without a valid excuse, may be asked to drop that class or to leave the co-op with parents expected to pay any remaining tuition to the mentor.


Will my student receive a grade?

Yes, mentors assign grades for your student's work. An up-to-date average appears on the Classroom Dashboard for that class as well as grades for individual assignments, noting any that may be missing. Parents should check these grades often to ensure your student is on track. As for the final grade, parents are free to adjust a mentor's final grade up or down at your discretion, taking into consideration your child's performance and ability.


Will CHAMPIONS accept students with learning disabilities or special needs?

CHAMPIONS is not equipped to teach students with learning disabilities, since classes meet only once a week with limited time constraints and our mentors are not trained for such situations. That said, depending on the learning disability and with intense parental involvement the remaining 4 days of the week, students with ADD, dysgraphia, anxiety, and dyslexia have successfully completed classes at CHAMPIONS. Please indicate on your application and at your family interview what needs your student may have so that we can make an informed decision and make mentors aware of your student's needs should they be accepted. This includes making mentors aware of any food allergies or  other physical restrictions your student may have. The facility where CHAMPIONS meets is ADA compliant and wheelchair accessible to accommodate any physical needs.