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Tuition Payment Information

CHAMPIONS for Christ Tuition Payment Information

Class tuition is set by and collected by individual mentors. Checks should be written out to the mentor, not to CHAMPIONS for Christ. For your convenience, you may leave checks in the mentor’s tuition folder in the Tuition Box at the Hostess Table.

Tuition costs can be found in two places on the website--by clicking the “Class Fees 2023-2024” link (under Fees) or by clicking the “Sign Up for Classes” link (under Registration) and clicking on the individual classes. If you desire to pay by cash, mentors prefer payment be sealed in an envelope clearly labeled with the family name, class/mentor name and the amount enclosed. Some mentors also accept PayPal, Zelle, or Venmo payments. Please contact them directly for this information if it’s not listed under their class description.

Most mentors allow yearly tuition to be paid in monthly increments, first payment due at Orientation and then at the beginning of October, November, December, January, February, March, April, and May. Please refer to the class and to the “Class Fees” link to see what the suggested monthly amount would be.

LATE TUITION POLICY: Tuition payments should be considered an “accounts payable” equivalent to any other household bill. If there is a sudden hardship that would prevent you from making a payment on time, please communicate this in advance of the due date to the mentor(s) so together you can work out other payment arrangements.

**If a student drops a class after the first three weeks of the course, tuition for the class is expected to be paid for the remainder of the year.**